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Okay, so NYCC got better, and the weekend did, too.

Yesterday, I skipped out on most of the stuff in the morning, and went to the Herald Square Macy's for shopping. By the time I got back in the afternoon, they had rescheduled Wolf Children, so I went over to catch the showrunners panel (Showrunners is a documentary on the art of creating and helming a television series. It looks quite interesting, and I'll try to catch it if it ever plays near me.) and part of the Vertigo panel before queuing up for the reschedule of Wolf Children. This turned out to be unnecessary, as they had announced it late and with little fanfare, such that it was only a small group who turned up, which was fine for me as I could get a decent seat. The anime film (by the creator of The Girl Who Leapt Though Time and Summer Wars,) is quality and was best described by one of the audience as fantasy slice-of-life. I wondered to what extent the shape-changing wolf heritage could be seen as a metaphor for race, ethnicity, or other mental or physical differences in the largely homogenous Japanese society.

Today, I was focused on two panels, for Person of Interest and Sleepy Hollow, and got to both, thanks in part to a generous fellow fan who held my seat for me in between those two panels while I ran to get coffee and sustenance. Person of Interest featured a preview clip with Joss Carter being badass and turning the tables on her new rookie partner Mike Laskey, who used to work for HR, but in her words "You don't work for HR anymore, son. You work for me." Nice to see her building her own team - with Laskey as her Season One Fusco equivalent and Elias in the shadows, they should be quite formidable.

I also get to ask a question, Re: Villains for Season Three, but sadly got a fairly non-committal response from Greg Plageman - he did confirm that Greer would be back (he is played by the Nolans' uncle, after all), as well as further appearances by Elias, Simmons and Quinn, though so I am pleased.

Plus, in answer to a question someone asked Jim Caviezel as to whether Reese would be seeing more romance or just hanging out with Finch, there was a response from Kevin Chapman to the effect of, How do you know he's not being romantic with Finch? to which the moderator (from EW) responded that Reese/Finch was a "romance for the ages," followed by Sarah Shahi interjecting that the real romance was Shaw/Root. Later, there was another comment Re Shaw/Reese regarding "hot siblings who kill together," and something about Reese macking on the ladies, who Caviezel referenced as Reese's "harem" at one point. Basically, a festival of innuendo and subtext, and amusing as all hell.

This was followed by the Sleepy Hollow panel, which was also fantastic, with Tom Mison describing himself as a "flouncy tart," and Nichole Beharie saying in essence "Bring it," to Katia Winter Re: Ichabod/Abbie v. Ichabod/Katrina, when Katia explained (in response to a fan question) that upcoming scenes would show more heat between the Cranes. Mind, this was in no small part the result of Orlando Jones stirring things up - I'm pretty sure he ships Ichabod/Abbie, and as tumblr can attest, he's clearly experienced with fandom.

The preview clip from an upcoming November episode also seemed pretty ship trolling for me as it had a sweet exchange between Ichabod and Abbie regarding baseball, which concluded with him giving her a deep 18th century bow, then going off to the graveyard to sit beside the tombstone of his (ghost) wife, and then featured the first exchange between Katrina and Abbie (in dreams) which pretty much amounted to "I can't reach my husband because he's been kidnapped and warded but evil is coming and *you have to save him* Abbie," which got me thinking that there's definite mystic OT3 potential there, but that's probably the result of a reading Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality at a formative age. (Well, we all do regrettable things in our teenage years...)

In the end, a pretty fun weekend, although I didn't get to see much of New York. I would be willing to consider making the trip to attend again, but it will probably depend on where I am fannishly with various shows, as I feel this con really succeeds or fails on the strength of its guest stars and content. It's also apparently been getting bigger from year to year, and although I could get reasonable seats in the panels I wanted to attend with between a half-hour to hour-and-a-half wait (which I consider acceptable) I understand that a number of Main Hall shows were filled up hours in advance.

Much like I understand SDCC to be now, I'd say that to have a successful NYCC experience, you need strategy (I'd suggest picking no more than one or two panels/events each day as "must attend" to avoid disappointment), speed (walking fast helps with the dodging through massive crowds), stamina (several lines did not permit sitting on the floor, so there was a lot of standing), and snacks. (I brought some, but not really enough to cover me for a full meal, which meant I risked losing my place at Empire Stage for Sleepy Hollow.) If I do this again, I'll want to pack at least two full meals and drinks, as well as ample reading material for the queuing.

So, a definite maybe for 2014, although I might want to check out Wonder Con (Anaheim) instead...


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