Sep. 9th, 2009

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So, for my birthday this year, I used some hotel points for a night at the Hilton Addis Ababa, where I enjoyed their heated swimming pool, satellite television (CNN! BBC! English language movies!) uninterrupted electricity and all the hot water I could use. They even upgraded me to Executive Level, so I got a fruit basket and lots of Diet Coke. (A pretty major thing here, as most restuarants only carry regular Coke.) Several of my friends gave me cards (and doughnuts), so it was a nice, relaxed weekend.

Back at work, I continue to work on funding proposals, and I'm due to give some training in two weeks time. I've had various fellow volunteers staying with me, for medical or training leave, and watched the first season of Dexter with one of my guests, having found it in the volunteer exchange library. I'm also helping with Volunteer Committee stuff for the incoming intake of volunteers, and on the domestic front, I've made more strawberry not-quite jam (it's more like syrup), using a receipe from a Fumi Yoshinaga manga, as well as some lemon poppyseed cake for someone else's birthday. This weekend, we're coming up to Ethiopian New Year, so I've just discovered I get two and a half days unexpected holiday. Not bad, though I kind of wish I'd thought of going on a trip.

Hope everyone is well.


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