Oct. 13th, 2013

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Okay, so NYCC got better, and the weekend did, too.

Saturday - Spoilers for Wolf Children )

Sunday - Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Person of Interest )

and Sleepy Hollow )

In the end, a pretty fun weekend, although I didn't get to see much of New York. I would be willing to consider making the trip to attend again, but it will probably depend on where I am fannishly with various shows, as I feel this con really succeeds or fails on the strength of its guest stars and content. It's also apparently been getting bigger from year to year, and although I could get reasonable seats in the panels I wanted to attend with between a half-hour to hour-and-a-half wait (which I consider acceptable) I understand that a number of Main Hall shows were filled up hours in advance.

Much like I understand SDCC to be now, I'd say that to have a successful NYCC experience, you need strategy (I'd suggest picking no more than one or two panels/events each day as "must attend" to avoid disappointment), speed (walking fast helps with the dodging through massive crowds), stamina (several lines did not permit sitting on the floor, so there was a lot of standing), and snacks. (I brought some, but not really enough to cover me for a full meal, which meant I risked losing my place at Empire Stage for Sleepy Hollow.) If I do this again, I'll want to pack at least two full meals and drinks, as well as ample reading material for the queuing.

So, a definite maybe for 2014, although I might want to check out Wonder Con (Anaheim) instead...


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