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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Apologies, this is mostly a holding post, as I don't usually write these. In essence, I'm sure I will enjoy a story from any of the fandoms on which we are matched, because they are all stories and characters which are dear to my heart.

Most of my suggestions are in the optional details section, specific to each fandom. In general, I tend to have fondness for long term working partners as pairings, as seen with Poirot/Hastings, Aubrey/Matruin, and Asher/Ysidro. Something about the way they work together, and their genuine affection, interspersed with the occasional gentle bickering, is just so perfect for me.

I also tend to like what I think of as characters with villain nature or who are considered Lawful Evil (and what TV Tropes would probably call a Noble Demon) - like Don Simon and James Angleton, who could easily be monstrously evil, but holds to a code of honour of sorts, (and even perhaps continues to commit evil acts and make difficult decisions, but does to prevent even worse outcomes. I also like snarky old guy characters in general, so there you go.

As far as types of stories, I'd love any non-typical or subtle romance stories, but would also enjoy humour, adventure, or solve a mystery/case type fics - all of these series have some procedural aspects, so that should be an option as well. I'll try to put a few notes on each fandom up later.

serenissima (who primarily writes as killalla, but used a different pseud in the early days of yuletide, and wanted to keep it)
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