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Dear Purimgifts Writer,

Hello - I am new to this challenge, and I've not participated before. I've added some notes here about some of the different fandoms I've requested, and I'll try to keep adding to it as I remember. In essence, I'm sure I will enjoy a story from any of the fandoms on which we are matched, because they are all stories and characters which are dear to my heart. A little about each, as I can think about it - some cribbed from earlier sign up requests.

James Asher Vampire series: I'd love anything that explores the relationship between the Ashers and Don Simon, paticularly focusing on Lydia Asher. (I ship it with either of the Ashers individually or as an OT3). Particularly as the characters age and encounter greater danger, I wonder if he would ever sire one or the other, despite his aversion to the process and previous refusals to sire others.

If you'd prefer to keep it lighter, something in the general mystery genre or perhaps a holiday story that illuminates a part of Don Simon's past would also be great. And although I know she's still quite young in the books, I'm very curious as to how Miranda might develop and her character as she grows up (I've started wondering if she might end up as a vampire hunter of some kind), as well as what her relationship with Simon might look like - so if you'd like, you could foreground that instead.

The series also includes a rotating case of vampires in various locations - London, Paris, etc., and some vignettes focusing on some of the might be quite enlightening as well.

The Laundry: I've requested The Laundry Files recently expanded its worldview with The Annihilation Score, and the "League of Extraordinary Exes" offers the opportunity for wonderful interactions between Mo, Mhari and Ramona in the course of their working together. I do enjoy this series, and I also love the character of Angleton, who is my favourite, so a cameo from him would also be welcome.

Agatha Christie's Poirot: Poirot is an insightful observer of human character, and there are a lot of interesting characters in this context. An alternative might be to have some observations from the viewpoint of Miss Lemon, who has always been a welcome addition to the ensemble.

Count of Monte Cristo: Oh, Haydee is always my favourite here, and I would love to see more backstory on her, or some observations on her interactions and feelings for the Count.

Sherlock Holmes: I've previously requested (for Yuletide) and written old school Sherlock Holmes, and I'm always very interested in re-interpretations of Mrs. Hudson, especially, since I think she tends to get overlooked in fanfic and the fandom in general. I've noted that in the Granada Holmes series, the actress who plays her is of an age with Brett and Burke or Hardwicke, and adaptions like Meitatei Holmes often have her as decidedly more active in casework, which I like.

The Culture: A fascinating world, with lots of possibilities to explore. Diziet Sma is perhaps the most frequently recurring character, but I'd be interested in the further adventures of Lededje Y'breq, for example, and there are any number of cool characters from the many novels that span the history of the Culture.

Person of Interest: I've enjoyed witnessing the evolution of Root from straight-up antagonist to Analog Interface and member of Team Machine, but I always wonder about the "What-If" of her taking the crusade in a very different direction - or, what if she had encountered Samaritan first? I've also requested and written other characters from this universe, including Shaw and Grace.

Cthulhu Mythos: Like the Culture, this is such a broad universe that there are any number of characters to choose from, but I'm a particular fan of the Arkham Horror board game and expansions, and there are a number of interesting characters from that whose backgrounds are waiting to be explored. I also love mythos crossovers into other canons (I loved A Study in Emerald, for example) so feel free to mix if desired.

xxHolic: I've already loved Yuuko as a rare dominant female mentor character, and I'm always amused by instances of her teasing Watanuki and shipping Watanuki/Doumeki. I've never seen a romantic dynamic between her and anyone (expect maybe Clow Reed), but it might be an interesting area to explore.

As far as types of stories, I'd love any non-typical or subtle romance stories, but as noted, I am fine with ratings anywhere up to explicit. I would also enjoy humour, adventure, slice of life or mystery/case type fics - all of these series have some procedural aspects, so that should be an option as well.

serenissima (who primarily writes as killalla, but used a different pseud in the early days of yuletide, and wanted to keep it)
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