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Saw the Pilot episode on Fox replay - it was fun, with an element of historical conspiracy theory that I like, and I think I’ll be watching once I have cable in the new apartment. Me being me, I also noticed a few points for unlikely crossovers. A few random observations that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else:

1) Props for having Clancy Brown, aka “The Kurgan” from the original Highlander movie as kindly marked-for-death mentor Sheriff August Corbin. And of course he gets *beheaded* by the Horseman in the first ten minutes! Here’s hoping he’s back in flashbacks, as this could make some excellent Highlander/Sleepy Hollow crossover material.

2) I noticed a possible Inspector Spacetime shoutout in the interrogation scene? (Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Community - I recently got caught up to Season Four.) Still, when the interrogator responded to Ichabod with words to the effect of “It’s not where you are [dramatic pause]” I found I was chiming in on the “but when.” Here’s to someone writing a deeply meta fic of Abed writing a Sleepy Hollow/Inspector Spacetime crossover on this basis. (Like a story within a story within a - well you get the idea.)

3) And, well, Revolutionary War/Enlightenment conspiracy theory shenanigans for the win! This opens up potential for fantasy influenced historical retellings, akin to Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, or even (perhaps) reaching over to Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle - maybe a hint of Age of Sail as well - note the proper English usage of "Left-tenant" for Lieutenant.

4) Strange supernatural happenings in a small New England upstate New York town! Strange old books, missing peoples, and good and evil covens fighting over the end of the world. Sounds like a Lovecraft crossover, to me. Time to generate some new custom characters for Arkham Horror.

Other small notes:

Ichabod is apparently a Merton man, which surprises me, although their reputation for History is good. (Maybe it was for the Time Ceremony?) If they wanted spy resonance, Lincoln would have been better, and Balliol perhaps more progressive (but I *would* say that.)

Ichabod's future shock and his man from the past status could be a good jumping off point for crossovers with other modern conspiracy shows - Person of Interest, X-Files and Fringe, etc.

Depending on how far they push the crime and horror angles, you could also cross into the world of police procedurals. Ichabod might even be of use on some use on any (extremely) cold cases. I'm thinking especially Hannibal, if you use the Lovecraft link, also.

I’m not sure where the show is going to go with its premise, as there is obviously going to be a “demon of the week” theme, along with a mytharc based around the dark coven/light coven war dating from the founding of the republic and all that, which does fit into Enlightenment era conspiracy theory stuff generally. But, I’m not sure about the balance, and as I’ve seen in some commentary, it may get difficult for them to keep constantly ramping up the horror and violence quotient, since they started pretty high (albeit not graphic). Still, some reasonable POC and gender balance, so also worth following for a bit, I guess.
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