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Agents of Shield 1x1

Well, that last scene with Lola certainly supports the “Agent K is Coulson’s father” theory/head cannon. I was getting a distinct Men in Black vibe at the end, there - maybe “she” originally belonged to Dad?

Also, I really liked Melinda May, retired/reluctant badass. Here’s hoping she becomes the main fighter, and annoying Agent Ward becomes more muscle/comic relief.

I’m rather hoping that Fitz and Simmons are actually some kind of weird alien twin or neural linked entity, because I think it would be cooler that way.

In conclusion, will probably keep watching, at least for a while.

Person of Interest 3x1

I liked it, it was enjoyable for all the usual reasons, but let’s face it, I’m really in this now for the cyberpunk arc plot, and a lot of this episode was focused on team moments - exploring their new situation(s) and interaction with each other. Some fun character insights, but aside from Root’s conversations with the psychologist and some hints from Finch, we didn’t have much more regarding the shadow war.

Some nice moments:

1) Root and the Machine - Cargo ship! I’d love to get a better sense of the actual conversations between the two - how and if the Machine is trying to manipulate and/or control her, and vice versa. This is very much Gibson territory in my book, and I’m dying to get a better sense of what is really going on - whether the machine is playing into Root’s paranoia insanity (a Neuromancer Armitage/Coto situation), or genuinely having a conversation as a separate entity, and establishing a friendship/relationship/romance - who knows?

2) Finch and Reese - Now featuring as team dads, worrying about information flows and how everyone is working together. Aside from the whole walking the dog and going for a drink at the end of the case domesticity, though, I feel Finch is coming across as much more benign and less capable than has been the case in the past. For example, he reveals himself to the POI when there was no real need to all the information he provided could have been relayed by Reese or Shaw or even remotely. (Where is your self-preserving paranoia, sir?) And while it was nice that Fusco got a role in saving the day, that was poor planning indeed - surely the man who could bring down half of Manhattan’s communications grid could black a cellphone signal?

3) Mob War - And then my other favorite evil genius, Elias, plotting the recovery of his empire from his underground lair (let’s face it, that’s what it is), though some judicious dealings with his new ally/asset, Carter. Who, (and here I agree with many other commentators), has got a new lease on interesting plot by teaming up with the lesser evil bad guys to take down and take revenge on HR. This has promise of evolving into the more Batman/Gotham Central type subplot, and could indeed be quite cool.

4) Shaw - Who is excellent at being more of the anti-social, taciturn snarky muscle than Reese, which is great, since he then tries to be a kindly mentor type instead and he’s endearingly bad at it. Still, I want more bonding scenes between her and Bear - he could have shared the steak!

In conclusion, this show continues to be enjoyable, but I hope the arc plot comes back soon. I want Greer, and Nathan, and the mysterious Mrs. Penn!

Also, there's a new Laundry story by Charles Stross out - it's Equoid, which I found interesting despite it having only one brief mention of Angleton, my favorite Eater of Souls. Oh, but TW for tentacles, non-con, and the usual sort of Lovecrafitan ick.

And finally, I've decided to try The Blacklist at some point as well, since reports are that it has potential, but mostly because nbchannibal and nbcblackist appear to be having a flirtation of sorts on tumblr. And in the meantime, I'm getting caught up on Rizzoli and Isles. I even tried some of the novels, but they're kind of grim and dispiriting in a way that leaves out pretty much everything I love about the show.
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