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So, bearing in mind I never managed to post one last year, I'm again putting in a holding post, with the hope that I actually get around to posting a letter. If not, apologies in advance, Dear Author! I'll include some optional details in the signup.
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Just a note to say that I've imported my livejournal entries for killalla here to this journal, and may soon delete that account.
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Apologies, this is a holding post - I'll try to add more later!
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Dear Purimgifts Writer,

Hello - I am new to this challenge, and I've not participated before. I've added some notes here about some of the different fandoms I've requested, and I'll try to keep adding to it as I remember. In essence, I'm sure I will enjoy a story from any of the fandoms on which we are matched, because they are all stories and characters which are dear to my heart. A little about each, as I can think about it - some cribbed from earlier sign up requests.

James Asher Vampire series: I'd love anything that explores the relationship between the Ashers and Don Simon, paticularly focusing on Lydia Asher. (I ship it with either of the Ashers individually or as an OT3). Particularly as the characters age and encounter greater danger, I wonder if he would ever sire one or the other, despite his aversion to the process and previous refusals to sire others.

If you'd prefer to keep it lighter, something in the general mystery genre or perhaps a holiday story that illuminates a part of Don Simon's past would also be great. And although I know she's still quite young in the books, I'm very curious as to how Miranda might develop and her character as she grows up (I've started wondering if she might end up as a vampire hunter of some kind), as well as what her relationship with Simon might look like - so if you'd like, you could foreground that instead.

The series also includes a rotating case of vampires in various locations - London, Paris, etc., and some vignettes focusing on some of the might be quite enlightening as well.

The Laundry: I've requested The Laundry Files recently expanded its worldview with The Annihilation Score, and the "League of Extraordinary Exes" offers the opportunity for wonderful interactions between Mo, Mhari and Ramona in the course of their working together. I do enjoy this series, and I also love the character of Angleton, who is my favourite, so a cameo from him would also be welcome.

Agatha Christie's Poirot: Poirot is an insightful observer of human character, and there are a lot of interesting characters in this context. An alternative might be to have some observations from the viewpoint of Miss Lemon, who has always been a welcome addition to the ensemble.

Count of Monte Cristo: Oh, Haydee is always my favourite here, and I would love to see more backstory on her, or some observations on her interactions and feelings for the Count.

Sherlock Holmes: I've previously requested (for Yuletide) and written old school Sherlock Holmes, and I'm always very interested in re-interpretations of Mrs. Hudson, especially, since I think she tends to get overlooked in fanfic and the fandom in general. I've noted that in the Granada Holmes series, the actress who plays her is of an age with Brett and Burke or Hardwicke, and adaptions like Meitatei Holmes often have her as decidedly more active in casework, which I like.

The Culture: A fascinating world, with lots of possibilities to explore. Diziet Sma is perhaps the most frequently recurring character, but I'd be interested in the further adventures of Lededje Y'breq, for example, and there are any number of cool characters from the many novels that span the history of the Culture.

Person of Interest: I've enjoyed witnessing the evolution of Root from straight-up antagonist to Analog Interface and member of Team Machine, but I always wonder about the "What-If" of her taking the crusade in a very different direction - or, what if she had encountered Samaritan first? I've also requested and written other characters from this universe, including Shaw and Grace.

Cthulhu Mythos: Like the Culture, this is such a broad universe that there are any number of characters to choose from, but I'm a particular fan of the Arkham Horror board game and expansions, and there are a number of interesting characters from that whose backgrounds are waiting to be explored. I also love mythos crossovers into other canons (I loved A Study in Emerald, for example) so feel free to mix if desired.

xxHolic: I've already loved Yuuko as a rare dominant female mentor character, and I'm always amused by instances of her teasing Watanuki and shipping Watanuki/Doumeki. I've never seen a romantic dynamic between her and anyone (expect maybe Clow Reed), but it might be an interesting area to explore.

As far as types of stories, I'd love any non-typical or subtle romance stories, but as noted, I am fine with ratings anywhere up to explicit. I would also enjoy humour, adventure, slice of life or mystery/case type fics - all of these series have some procedural aspects, so that should be an option as well.

serenissima (who primarily writes as killalla, but used a different pseud in the early days of yuletide, and wanted to keep it)
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Apologies, this is mostly a holding post, as I don't usually write these. In essence, I'm sure I will enjoy a story from any of the fandoms on which we are matched, because they are all stories and characters which are dear to my heart.

Most of my suggestions are in the optional details section, specific to each fandom. In general, I tend to have fondness for long term working partners as pairings, as seen with Poirot/Hastings, Aubrey/Matruin, and Asher/Ysidro. Something about the way they work together, and their genuine affection, interspersed with the occasional gentle bickering, is just so perfect for me.

I also tend to like what I think of as characters with villain nature or who are considered Lawful Evil (and what TV Tropes would probably call a Noble Demon) - like Don Simon and James Angleton, who could easily be monstrously evil, but holds to a code of honour of sorts, (and even perhaps continues to commit evil acts and make difficult decisions, but does to prevent even worse outcomes. I also like snarky old guy characters in general, so there you go.

As far as types of stories, I'd love any non-typical or subtle romance stories, but would also enjoy humour, adventure, or solve a mystery/case type fics - all of these series have some procedural aspects, so that should be an option as well. I'll try to put a few notes on each fandom up later.

serenissima (who primarily writes as killalla, but used a different pseud in the early days of yuletide, and wanted to keep it)
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Okay, so NYCC got better, and the weekend did, too.

Saturday - Spoilers for Wolf Children )

Sunday - Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Person of Interest )

and Sleepy Hollow )

In the end, a pretty fun weekend, although I didn't get to see much of New York. I would be willing to consider making the trip to attend again, but it will probably depend on where I am fannishly with various shows, as I feel this con really succeeds or fails on the strength of its guest stars and content. It's also apparently been getting bigger from year to year, and although I could get reasonable seats in the panels I wanted to attend with between a half-hour to hour-and-a-half wait (which I consider acceptable) I understand that a number of Main Hall shows were filled up hours in advance.

Much like I understand SDCC to be now, I'd say that to have a successful NYCC experience, you need strategy (I'd suggest picking no more than one or two panels/events each day as "must attend" to avoid disappointment), speed (walking fast helps with the dodging through massive crowds), stamina (several lines did not permit sitting on the floor, so there was a lot of standing), and snacks. (I brought some, but not really enough to cover me for a full meal, which meant I risked losing my place at Empire Stage for Sleepy Hollow.) If I do this again, I'll want to pack at least two full meals and drinks, as well as ample reading material for the queuing.

So, a definite maybe for 2014, although I might want to check out Wonder Con (Anaheim) instead...
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So, I'm here in New York - the flight was surprisingly easy, being a direct from Honolulu, and I got to the hotel and then on to NYCC with little trouble. The convention itself has been a bit disappointing so far though - mostly because I queued for over an hour to see the Wolf Children anime, got a great (front row) seat, and then after another half hour wait they announced that the DVD they had was corrupted, so they were cancelling the panel.

Now, I've assisted with Con operations before, and I know that things can occasionally go wrong. But, that said, this showing had been on their schedule for weeks, it's a licensed showing hosted by the distributor, and no-one thought to check the DVD before you fill a room with con-goers and have them wait an extra half-hour? Moreover, this mean that by the time they announced the cancellation, it was past 8:30pm, making it too late to go to any alternative programming, as everything else had started. This just seems unprofessional to me, and NYCC is not, as far as I am aware, a fan/volunteer run con, it's a commercial effort.

They have said that they will try to reschedule the showing, but no guarantee that those who queued will get spots for the reschedule (if it happens) and the folks with one day tickets are out of luck. I'm not impressed.

Otherwise, the fans I have met seem generally friendly, I've now tried the iconic White Castle slider (tasty, but not amazing) and I'm hoping to sneak in a shopping excursion tomorrow morning, as there isn't anything I'm interested in attending until later in the afternoon.
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Agents of Shield 1x1

A few quick observations: )

Person of Interest 3x1

Okay, belated thoughts and comments )

Also, there's a new Laundry story by Charles Stross out - it's Equoid, which I found interesting despite it having only one brief mention of Angleton, my favorite Eater of Souls. Oh, but TW for tentacles, non-con, and the usual sort of Lovecrafitan ick.

And finally, I've decided to try The Blacklist at some point as well, since reports are that it has potential, but mostly because nbchannibal and nbcblackist appear to be having a flirtation of sorts on tumblr. And in the meantime, I'm getting caught up on Rizzoli and Isles. I even tried some of the novels, but they're kind of grim and dispiriting in a way that leaves out pretty much everything I love about the show.
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With the pilot episodes of Person of Interest and Rizzoli and Isles. Seems to be in working order, but I can't get cable hookup until next weekend, so I'll still need some contingency plans for this week's television - Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest and Hawaii Five-0.

ETA: Will also try Agents of SHIELD and maybe the Blacklist, although rumor has it it's Hannibal-lite. Still James Spader as a super villain type master criminal - tempting.
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Saw the Pilot episode on Fox replay - it was fun, with an element of historical conspiracy theory that I like, and I think I’ll be watching once I have cable in the new apartment. Me being me, I also noticed a few points for unlikely crossovers. A few random observations that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else:

1) Props for having Clancy Brown, aka “The Kurgan” from the original Highlander movie as kindly marked-for-death mentor Sheriff August Corbin. And of course he gets *beheaded* by the Horseman in the first ten minutes! Here’s hoping he’s back in flashbacks, as this could make some excellent Highlander/Sleepy Hollow crossover material.

2) I noticed a possible Inspector Spacetime shoutout in the interrogation scene? (Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Community - I recently got caught up to Season Four.) Still, when the interrogator responded to Ichabod with words to the effect of “It’s not where you are [dramatic pause]” I found I was chiming in on the “but when.” Here’s to someone writing a deeply meta fic of Abed writing a Sleepy Hollow/Inspector Spacetime crossover on this basis. (Like a story within a story within a - well you get the idea.)

3) And, well, Revolutionary War/Enlightenment conspiracy theory shenanigans for the win! This opens up potential for fantasy influenced historical retellings, akin to Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, or even (perhaps) reaching over to Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle - maybe a hint of Age of Sail as well - note the proper English usage of "Left-tenant" for Lieutenant.

4) Strange supernatural happenings in a small New England upstate New York town! Strange old books, missing peoples, and good and evil covens fighting over the end of the world. Sounds like a Lovecraft crossover, to me. Time to generate some new custom characters for Arkham Horror.

Other small notes:

Ichabod is apparently a Merton man, which surprises me, although their reputation for History is good. (Maybe it was for the Time Ceremony?) If they wanted spy resonance, Lincoln would have been better, and Balliol perhaps more progressive (but I *would* say that.)

Ichabod's future shock and his man from the past status could be a good jumping off point for crossovers with other modern conspiracy shows - Person of Interest, X-Files and Fringe, etc.

Depending on how far they push the crime and horror angles, you could also cross into the world of police procedurals. Ichabod might even be of use on some use on any (extremely) cold cases. I'm thinking especially Hannibal, if you use the Lovecraft link, also.

I’m not sure where the show is going to go with its premise, as there is obviously going to be a “demon of the week” theme, along with a mytharc based around the dark coven/light coven war dating from the founding of the republic and all that, which does fit into Enlightenment era conspiracy theory stuff generally. But, I’m not sure about the balance, and as I’ve seen in some commentary, it may get difficult for them to keep constantly ramping up the horror and violence quotient, since they started pretty high (albeit not graphic). Still, some reasonable POC and gender balance, so also worth following for a bit, I guess.
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I'm the same individual as killalla on livejournal and AO3 and katkillalla on tumblr, but I've recently decided to use this journal to focus on fandom related items, while focusing on real world updates on livejournal (not that I'm particularly prolific at any of these locations). There will doubtless be some spillover in both directions, but that's the plan.

Also, some of my commentary here may be replicated in part or in full on tumblr (or vice versa), but I'll try to get into the habit of posting the more detailed items here and shorter comments there, since wordy text posts don't work great on tumblr. Any fic, exchanges, or similar to AO3, of course, and I may (someday) try to find some of my older stuff and put it there, too.
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It's time once again for that moving home, city, country and continent thing. Why do I always own too many things?!
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I just recalled that The Big Bang is closing after tomorrow, so does anyone want to try to have a last meal there tonight (Monday 29 August 2011)? (It might be packed, but I'm willing to call and make a reservation if anyone else thinks they might be interested.) E-mail or phone to the usual addresses/numbers, preferably before noon.
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I've been selected as a World Book Night giver - one of 20,000 people giving away 960,000 books on Saturday 5 March 2011. This means I'll have 48 copies of CJ Sansome's Dissolution, a fabulous, well researched and engaging murder mystery set in Tudor England to give away, free, gratis, no strings attached. I'm obviously delighted, as this is the ultimate opportunity to promote a book I like, and as y'all know, I am all about the pimpage.

If you're in the Oxford area and want a copy, please keep in touch - there will be a number of World Book Night events and such, and I'll probably be arranging an opportunity to get a copy from me. (People outside of Oxford, I'm happy to give you a copy if you're around but I'm afraid I can't offer to post, as they don't give me anything other than the books, and posting 48 paperbacks is more than I can afford!)
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So, last week, I hopped on a plane to Narita. Upon arriving, I got the NEX to Tokyo Station, and then a Shinkansen to Morioka, where I was a bit flummoxed to find that I'd already missed the last bus to Appi Kogen. Fortunately, I was able to get a combination local/JR train to the area, where I was able to call the folks at Pension Mutti (the place where I'm WWOOFing*), who kindly came to get me, there being no taxis in this area.

Since then, it's been a relatively quiet few days up here in snow country, working, bathing, eating and sleeping. The work mostly involves food preparation for alternating breakfast and dinner shifts of between 20-40 guests, as well as a daily session of room cleaning. Quite similar to what I did back in the day at Tassajara, which is party why I chose this particular posting. It's straightforward and relatively strenuous work, which tires me out in a way I'm not used to, and I appreciate that, since my regular job is quite cerebral and sedentary. There's also a certain satisfaction in producing a well made bed or nicely fried fish.

The group here is relatively international, and quite friendly - I share a room with three Taiwanese girls, and the guys next door have included two Australians, one German, and a Japanese intern from Morioka. Most of them are ski or snowboard enthusiasts (Appi Kogen is a major ski resort), and have come to work for a month or more in order to earn a season pass or equipment rental. In fact, the owner was kind enough to give me some local goods today as a thank you present since I hadn't really taken advantage of the ski facilities like everyone else. Myself, I don't have any real desire to try it, although I did go up to the resort on one day to see what it was like and buy souvenirs. My real delight in being here has been to see the beauty of the snow (which is powdery, light, and piles up in drifts higher than my head), and take advantage of the steaming outdoor bath during our break in the afternoon. It's also been the New Year, which meant that we had special Japanese dishes like soba noodles, and ozoni, which I haven't eaten since I was a kid. There were also fireworks (one day late, because of the snowstorm on New Year's Eve), and I happily stood there in the snow in my light shirt, cotton skirt, and flip flops through the lot. (Still working the mutant superpower - impervious to cold.)

I realize that most folks don't see hard physical work (with no pay) as a vacation, but it fits with the zen center, tall ships and National Trust working holiday stuff that I do. It's basically a shift of perspective, tests my adaptability, and keeps some of my more practical skills alive. It's something new, and interesting, and thus avoids boredom. (Which as I get older, I've come to realize is one of my major failings - like Jakita Wagner, I get bored relatively easily, and when I get bored, bad things happen.) And of course, when it's over, I'm looking forward to being the customer rather than serving the customer for a while, and I'll feel I've quite properly earned my luxuries.

I've got though a few novels while here, and since there's internet, I don't lack for content, even when I'm not working. I've also dealt with the jet lag and an annoying head cold I think I picked up on the plane. (At least it meant I had no problems getting up for the breakfast shift!) But it's otherwise fairly quiet here, so I'm looking forward to leaving for the big city tomorrow, as I'm back off down to Tokyo for some shopping (must pick up next season's Hello Kitty handbags...) and then on to Karuizawa and Hakone for my usual round of further hot springs before heading back to England. If you are or know of anyone in the area, please give a shout, and I'd be happy to meet up - my schedule is relatively flexible for the next week.

*World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - or in this case, small eco-hotels. Let's face it, I'm more of a cooking, cleaning than farming type. Plus, too snowy to do any real farming!
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Oh my god, you guys, if this - - had existed when I was in law school, I might still be practicing business litigation in California to this day...
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Ian Richardson's ashes are being buried in the new RSC Theatre -

He was one of my favourite actors ever, having played Sherlock Holmes, Joseph Bell in Murder Rooms, the voice of Death in Hogfather, and let's not forget Francis "You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment" Urqhart. I'm so glad I went to see him live in "The Creeper" (twice!) and waited to get an autograph from him in what turned out to be his last live performance, the year before his death.

And now, he's liable to haunt the RSC forever...
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Y'all know I am lousy at the updating, but just to check-in on where I am and what I'm doing:

Cons,Japanese, and Hawaii 5-0 )

Also, having had some fannish weekend time at [ profile] emmzzi's which consisted mostly of vids and Merlin, I have concluded 1) I have the biggest crush on Uther (Surprised? Didn't think so...) 2) thanks to revelations about family relationships, all my favourite Merlin ships appear to be heading into dubious and faintly squicky territory and 3) I...want to watch some more Legend of the Seeker, mostly for the Darken Rahl. Oh dear.
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So, I've been busy and failed to post anything, as usual, but just to say that I'm leaving Addis Ababa tonight, and will be arriving in London tomorrow afternoon, having successfully completed my one year in Ethiopia with Volunteer Service Overseas. I have mixed feelings about the experience, but I feel it has been a good thing overall, and I'll hopefully have the opportunity to chat about it to folks (only if they are interested!) at various points over the next two months.

Anyway, I currently plan to stay in Oxford/London for about two months altogether, while I follow up on some employment leads (and attend/assist with Eastercon!)then return to the USA. If I'm successful with my applications, that will be for just a short period while my work permit and visa come through, but if I'm not, then I'll be settling in California for a bit, most likely at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center for a second summer program, prior to relocating to San Francisco and pursuing employment there. So there's a bit of uncertainty as to where I'll end up and what I'll be doing, but I look forward to having the chance to catch up with everyone at greater length very soon, whatever happens.
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Just to say that I'm back, and had a fantastic experience all round, albeit with a slight sense of never having enough time to do everything that I wanted to do. This was compounded by the fact that I started having some computer problems before I left, which I thought were virus related, but upon receiving tech support in Tokyo, discovered that I'd basically suffered hard disk failure due to power failure. Not as much of a problem as all that, as I have good backups, and the laptop is 5+ years old. But, due to the incompatibility of US/Japan hardware, I wasn't able to get a replacement hard disk while travelling, and thus missed out on lots of downloading and net time, as well as carrying around what was essentially a brick.

I'm now hoping to get some local assistance in acquiring an new hard disk, and get the laptop limping again if it can be done for a nominal cost. If not, I'll just have to wait three months until I finish here, and buy a new laptop once in the developed world. The upshot is that I might be online even less than before, as I can't access from anywhere but work and VSO, and these are always subject to limitations and issues.

Of course (perhaps ill-advisedly) this hasn't stopped me from signing up for Yuletide, although my requests from last year are mostly unchanged, and my number of offered fandoms is much smaller this year due to past and present lack of access to content. But at least I have time to write - so I hope to give myself a big (think weeks long) window of trying to post when I'm finished. Hope everyone is well.
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