Oct. 11th, 2013

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So, I'm here in New York - the flight was surprisingly easy, being a direct from Honolulu, and I got to the hotel and then on to NYCC with little trouble. The convention itself has been a bit disappointing so far though - mostly because I queued for over an hour to see the Wolf Children anime, got a great (front row) seat, and then after another half hour wait they announced that the DVD they had was corrupted, so they were cancelling the panel.

Now, I've assisted with Con operations before, and I know that things can occasionally go wrong. But, that said, this showing had been on their schedule for weeks, it's a licensed showing hosted by the distributor, and no-one thought to check the DVD before you fill a room with con-goers and have them wait an extra half-hour? Moreover, this mean that by the time they announced the cancellation, it was past 8:30pm, making it too late to go to any alternative programming, as everything else had started. This just seems unprofessional to me, and NYCC is not, as far as I am aware, a fan/volunteer run con, it's a commercial effort.

They have said that they will try to reschedule the showing, but no guarantee that those who queued will get spots for the reschedule (if it happens) and the folks with one day tickets are out of luck. I'm not impressed.

Otherwise, the fans I have met seem generally friendly, I've now tried the iconic White Castle slider (tasty, but not amazing) and I'm hoping to sneak in a shopping excursion tomorrow morning, as there isn't anything I'm interested in attending until later in the afternoon.


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